Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tuesday Dinner

Remember what I said about my family only eating broccoli if it has cheese on it?

So, in case you are just tuning in, here is the link to the links with the recipes and the details for the week.

So yesterday Chief asks, "What's for dinner" and I say, "Beef and Broccoli" and he says, "That's it? What's the catch?"   Uh, oh, he's catching on to my crazy plan!

He starts asking if we can order pizza. ONE NIGHT... I made it through ONE NEW recipe before he started asking for pizza. Sigh.

Ok, So this recipe was actually super easy and quick and really a busy family's ideal weeknight recipe. It all cooked in one skillet. I just grabbed a bag of frozen white rice that you steam in the microwave in the bag, and ta da! done. Really! You're family will probably love it.

Tom took one look at it and had to ask what was in the sauce. I assured him that there was nothing scary in there (read = onions, sour cream, mayonnaise, mustard, cloves of garlic, etc), there was a tiny bit of minced garlic but no whole visible pieces so I was able to scrape by. Before he even tasted it... he put mozzarella cheese on it... because.... broccoli.   Shaking my head. Seriously? Can't you at least taste it first?

Chief hated it. I asked him does that mean you liked last night's Hawaiian chicken better? "Neither" he says.  Tom said that he liked the chicken better but he would eat the beef and broccoli again.  

Chief: 0-2
Tom: 2-0
Me: I don't know that my vote counts, I'll eat pretty much anything I'm willing to cook ;) I've naturally weeded out lima beans. Stay tuned, life might get in the way of Wednesday's dinner.

On a related note.. Chickee is sending me crazy photos of her trying exotic new dishes like Sushi, squash, carrots, miso soup, fish tacos, etc.  I guess the key to getting your kids to try new things is to send them away with friends?

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