Thursday, May 15, 2014

TNNA more....

Here's a few highlights from TNNA in Indianapolis this year!

It was a super busy weekend for me. I have never had more meeting and obligations than ever before. But here are some of the fun points that were captured on camera.

First, I have a new laptop since I had TWO computers crash in April. This new system is so much more cumbersome to navigate. It doesn't have the software I'm used to for photos.

Ok, onward.

Above.. Rebecca Velasquez and I finishing off a piece of chocolate cake at Granite City...
And then Tammy Hildebrand and I take an opportunity for a quick "Us-ie"  (like Self-ie, only it's "us")  as we passed each other in the aisles of TNNA.  We never did get more than 3 minutes together to talk the whole weekend. Maybe at CGOA in July, we'll get the chance to visit!

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