Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TNNA and Annie's Online Classes

Also at TNNA, I had the pleasure of signing my 'Learn to Crochet' DVD class for Annie's.  Are you familiar with the Annie's classes yet? There are two options, you can sign on to and view your purchased class and ask questions right from there.  Or you can buy the DVD and ask questions through the customer care email address.  Either way, there are SO MANY cool classes.  Crochet, knitting, paper crafting, quilting, card making, paper folding, quilling, etc. For my own use, I have purchased the Toe-up knitting sock class!  There are great names you'll know from the crochet world teaching... Kim Guzman, Robyn Chachula, Lily Chin, Jenny King, Susan Lowman and more!

For the crochet classes, I teach 'Larn to Crochet' and 'Crocheting with Beads'. I also taped a FUN class back in April that will become available in June/July.  AND, I'm scheduled to tape a 4th class this fall.  Chief is excited because he is going to visit Annie's with me as I tape the next class.  I took Chickee to the office now it will be Chief's turn to see where Mom works.


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