Thursday, May 15, 2014


Want to hear details of my new job and follow me on my journey at Crochet! magazine?
Now you can follow me there too!  I have a new blog at, on the left side bar, click on "Editor's Blog" or just click here: 

On Behind the Hook, you'll get all the behind the scenes scoop!

Here on GoCrochet, you'll continue to hear about my TWO new upcoming books, the family, the chickens, and anything else I throw in. 

Speaking of my next book....I just found the cover up on Amazon. 

Marvelous Crochet Motifs!  I'm SO EXCITED about this book with Annie's. 

It's 48 motifs! 4 designs, and SYMBOL diagrams for everything!  Look!  not just full motifs but HALF motifs too!  Fill in all those awkward spaces and create interesting edges.  And it's available for Pre-order. 

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