Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crochet Hats Extravaganza!

I have not one but TWO crocheted hats in the new Interweave Crochet e-book "A Step-by-step crocheted hats".  The e-book has full patterns for 5 hats, including my Driftwood Cap and my Chullo Hat and mitts set!  The Driftwood cap is on the cover (above) and the Chullo Hat is shown at right.
These plus 3 more hats are available for $6.99.

Also in the e-book, Interweave writes...
 In Interweave Crochet presents A Step-by-Step Guide to Crocheted Hats, Marty Miller will teach you how to crochet hats based on a simple circle in her piece Circle in on the Perfect Hat. Once you've got the basics of hat construction, you can easily add adornments to basic hats and branch out to explore more hat styles.

A note about the Driftwood cap.  I love it.  Our family loves it. People who have already made it have made it multiple times. It looks great in inexpensive yarn, gourmet yarns, solid yarns, variegated yarns.  We have at least 6 of these in our family. I wear one almost everyday in the winter while we wait for the school bus.  It has the best stretch of any crocheted hat I've ever seen.

Here are some more Driftwood caps we have in our family:

The e-book version of the pattern does not include instructions for the brims. If you want the pattern that has the Driftwood Cap ONLY and the brim (not the other 4 hats), I have just the Driftwood Cap crochet pattern by itself available on my Ravelry store

My Tips for great crocheted hats:
1. Use a warm yarn (wool, alpaca, or a blend)
2. Consider your ears!  (do you like your ears covered or no?)
3. Consider the purpose! (is it to keep you warm or keep you stylish?)
4. Balance holes/lace with warmth
5. MEASURE your head first and make sure you know what size you want before you begin
6. If you work top-down, you can try it on as you go!
7. If you use cotton or a plant fiber it won't "bounce back" into shape as well as an animal fiber would
8. Choose a flattering color, it's going to be near your face after all, so you might as well consider your coloring and eye color.

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