Monday, October 29, 2012

Crochet education

I love learning.  I have said over and over that when I need crochet inspiration, one of my favorite ways to jump start my creativity is to LEARN SOMETHING. :)  Even if it is a topic or class that I think I already know, there is something about hearing it again from a new teacher, a new perspective that can give me a SPARK of inspiration.

Here's an opportunity to be inspired!  My online class, Crocheting with Beads, might be just what you need to jump-start your creativity. It's more than just the projects in the class... it's the methods or techniques of beading that you can use over and over and apply to any project you want. THAT is FUN!

You can view it on your computer, ask questions, replay, rewind, day or night, forever!
Here's my favorite project from the class....

On the right is my swatch.  I knew I wanted to make a keyhole scarf, so I went in search of stitch patterns where I could incorporate beads AND a keyhole space. I think the keyhole scarf is so popular right now, so you'll see more from me over the next few months. Always, you can eliminate the keyhole rows and just continue in pattern to make a "regular" scarf. When designing with beads, I find it easier to first figure out the stitch pattern and determine where I want the beads to go, calculating approximately how many I'll need and what size, then re- crochet the scarf adding the bling as I go. 

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Ghost said...

crocheting with beads is really big right now. Cant join you though cuz i am working.