Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review: Knitting the Perfect Fit

Yes, another knitting book on my crochet blog. It's just that people send me these beautiful books and so I'd like to tell you about them!  This one is particularly useful though and I KNOW that I'll use it!

Knitting the Perfect Fit by Melissa Leapman is another pretty and engaging book. This one is also APPROACHABLE. :)  It's softback, 158 pages.

As a newer knitter, I appreciate the beginning exercises on the different increases and decreases. Later, among the projects, are notes about which body shapes that project will flatter. There are schematics for sizes up to the 50/52/55" range. While I'm just too busy with crochet to spend as much time on knit as I like, when I'm ready to make a knit garment, this is an excellent place to begin.  It's still a bit of a leap to customize the garment to the perfect fit, but if you are adventurous, all the tools are here.  The designs in the book (I count 19 at quick glance) are very classic and many of them I would be proud to wear. Maybe I should just hire a stitcher to make one for me....


Ghost said...

i am still lurking around your blog. you are really going places now.

Ghost said...
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Mereknits said...

Good luck on your knitted garment, they are not as hard as you think. You can do both crochet and knit and maybe eventually combine the two in a project.

katie metzroth said...

She's a genius; guess I'll add this to my wish list. Thanks for the heads up. Good luck as you're getting into knitting! :)