Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FIELD TRIP! CountryView Llamas and Alpacas

 A new llama and alpaca farm has popped up in our neighborhood, Country View llamas and Alpacas, and it's owned by Mike Zimmerman, a friend of a friend! (And now, a friend of mine!)  He was gracious enough to let Chickee, Chief and me visit his award-winning animals. Above, Chickee is feeding Honey, and I'm feeding her Mom.  Chickee said that it is spelled "Honi" but I'm not sure, so I'll defer to tradition until I'm corrected. Honey is 8 months old and so cute!
Here are two llamas, ribbon-winning Nuevo and his Dad. They are as tall as me! I'm about 5'5"

Here is Mike's clever daughter introducing Chief to a baby Alpaca.  (Look at the little ones, checking out the little one). Mike's daughter made a smart concoction of grain and hay "salad" and presented it to the alpacas for variety! She then took Chief to see the Bantam chickens and ducks.  The baby alpaca was about 25 pounds when she was born. Judges at the last competition had wonderful things to say about this baby's first shearing.  There are about 170,000 alpacas in the United States and 2 more will be born to this farm in the spring.  Every alpaca's name has to be registered and may not be a duplicate name of another alpaca already residing in the USA.  Fascinating!

 Alpaca dung, is also valuable (who knew?) There is a winery here in Ohio who uses the fertilizer from Mike's Alpaca droppings for their wine grapes!  Apparently it is exactly they right Ph balance for the grapes. 
Chief feeds the father and son llama pair. 

Country View llamas and alpacas is in the business of selling fleeces, selling the fertilizer and creating an award-winning herd.  For more information, contact owners Mike and Sarah Zimmerman via their Facebook page.

Tomorrow, the Giveaway winner!

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