Thursday, August 16, 2012


One thing the Captain, an architect, and I, a crocheter, can agree on is that every successful project must have a firm FOUNDATION.


Want some tips on making your crochet foundation it's very best?

1. Use one size bigger hook unless this makes your work look sloppy.
2. Place a marker in every 25th chain to help with count.
3. Do the foundation chain all at once... don't put it down and pick it back up again in the middle because your tension will be off.
4. Think smooth thoughts. Try to use an even rhythm.
5. Take care not to twist the beginning chains.
6. Be consistent. Either work in the back ridge of the chain, or the top bar and back ridge, but whatever you do, do it all the way along.
7. For a firmer edge, use a foundation stitch, like the foundation single crochet.
8. If you are going to work into the foundation row again later (like for an edging), when you make your first row, work only in the "back ridge" loop, leaving the other two remaining loops for an easy place to put later stitches.
9. COUNT. If you are "off" your count at the beginning it will be frustrating, but often, if you get the foundation row right, it's smooth sailing.

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mary i said...

Spot On!!! Most important to me: use Markers and count.