Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Review: Super Stitches Crochet

Super Stitches Crochet 
by Jennifer Campbell and Anne-Marie Bakewell

I'm not sure why I have never picked up this book until now. Published in 2008, I'm not sure why I always passed it by.  But I saw again, sorta for the first time, at TNNA this year.  Potter-Craft provided me with a copy and you can never have too many stitch dictionaries, so it was worth a try.  When I look through stitch dictionaries, I always have the tiny post it notes and a pen in hand.  As I come to a stitch pattern that sparks my interest, I put on a sticky note and a brief note about what I think the stitch pattern wants to be.  I might say, "baby cardigan" or I might write "drapey-cowl".  I was pleasantly surprised when the book added up to MANY sticky notes and inspiration for projects to come.  Shown in both written instructions and symbol diagrams. (wow, for 2008, it was ahead of the game!) this book, with it's compact size (8.7 x 6), it will become one of my go-to dictionaries when I'm on the go. 


AECDesigns said...

That IS a fabulous book! Pretty to look at, too! Enjoy!

Peacefully Knitting said...

I have this book and it's quite handy!