Thursday, May 19, 2011

What crochet designers say they would never do again

You'll find this interesting I think.  I called upon my designer friends to answer the question, "What would you never do again?"   Here are their answers:

I will never again: Mail the project without writing the pattern first.

I will never again wait until the last minute to start a huge project.

I will never again send a submission to a yarn company using another company's yarn.

I will never again overnight a project, which takes away from my earnings. 

I'll never again offer a design based on craft store materials in addition to yarn. (Beads, jewelry findings, string, leather/suede lacing, certain flosses, flat-backed rhinestones, foam sheets, etc.)

I may contract 1 or 2 designs out a year, but I never will let her weave in the ends and sew the garment together.

I'll never again agree to a design swipe from a clothing catalog without knowing the yarn they have in mind!

I'll never again propose three skirt and top sets done in all single crochet.

I will never forget to measure the item before felting it. 

I will never again send a pattern to a contractor without making sure I've specified which kind of increases and decreases to do..subtext - wonky stripes.

I will never again submit an intricate garment design without thinking very carefully about how I'm going to size it up and down...

I will never start a sample garment for a yarn store owner without agreeing on a price and terms of payment because I want to be nice.

I will never work a booth at a trade show without knowing how much I will be paid and the terms of payment.
I will never take a project with an impossible deadline.

I will never turn down a dream client the first time they offer a job because I don't think I can meet their deadline. 

I will never offer to do volunteer work when I have paid work to do.

I will never not have paid work to do.

I will never again agree to do an afghan that has 180 pieces that have to be sewn together!!!!

I know, I know, you want to ask, "why?" to all these answers, but, I didn't ask them "and why?" LOL. 


fig said...

Oh so true! All of it! I need to print this out and tape it to the wall as a reminder....

Phyllis said...

No need to ask why!

Miss Julep said...

Thanjks for this list! We can all learn from some and agree with many of the others:)

CrochetBlogger said...

Great advice - thanks for sharing this!

angelarae said...

Thanks so much! This was very helpful to me, a budding designer. So interesting, in fact that I put a link to this article on my blog:)