Monday, May 23, 2011

Tunisian and Cable Baby Blanket

 Caron yarns has come out with a new baby blanket booklet.  Go Crafty Crochet Baby blankets, has my Tunisian and Cable blanket in it.
I've heard that the booklets will be available in JoAnn's stores.  If I learn of other places to get the book I'll let you know.
This blanket has fantastic drape because it's made with two Tunisian panels. Three narrow traditional cable strips act as "bookends" to the panels. The edging also has some texture with crossed post stitches.


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

That is just beautiful! I have a need to make one in shades of pink - for P2 of course :o)
Have a great day! Haley

CrochetBlogger said...

Wow - what a neat combination of stitches!

vikki said...

I really like this pattern..wonderful stitches.

melbatoast68 said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Samantha @ said...

Very pretty! I've had so many baby blanket's to crochet lately that I've been going for speed rather than pretty. I can't wait to try this!

Torteach said...

I really love this pattern. I can't find the book anywhere. Do you have the pattern for sale somewhere?