Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Virtual Book Launch Party

Tonight!  9pm EST, come visit me and my Ravelry friends for a live chat in my Ravelry group chat room.  Here's the plan:

anytime, log onto (it's free).
Under the "groups" tab, you can search for 'GoCrochet with Ellen Gormley' (notice, I didn't put a space between Go and Crochet)
On the right side of the main group page, you will see a "join chat" button. click it.  You'll be able to type in the bar at the bottom to join the conversation.

I hope you can make it!  If you can't, comment anytime here on the blog or on the Ravelry group.

Tomorrow, check back here for links to all the other tour stops!

This motif, is in the book :)  I was really interested in creating interesting holes.  In the art world, we call that "negative space".  It reminds me of eyelet cotton fabric.


Richard Rose said...

I enjoyed the chat, especially since I won. I await the arrival of the book with baited breath. :)

Maria said...

I loved the party!!! It was so much fun. And I love that motif you have pictured here. I may just have to try that one too.