Friday, April 29, 2011


It's all rainbows and sunshine!  (except for the rain).  These appeared at dinner time over the Ohio River, yesterday. 

Still playing with broomstick lace. It's very easy!  It's going to be a crazy busy weekend.  Chief's First Communion is this weekend!  We are very excited.


Mmatilda said...

Beautiful rainbow pictures!

Miss Julep said...

Beautiful photos!! And yes, broomstick lace is easy and fun! I may just have to take it up again.

Congrats on the 1st Communion!

Kimberly said...

May God bless Chief and your whole family....I always cry at First Communions!

CupcakeCatie said...

That is a perfect rainbow!
Ive always wanted to try broomstick lace, it turns out so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your son's First Communion! What a special day! My oldest had his last year. I took a class on broomstick crochet online and enjoyed it very much-- love the color you're working with! Enjoy your blog!