Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More swatching

More swatching today. I have plenty of things on my plate, and deadlines are starting to pile up, but swatching is starting to keep my interest.  By swatching, I don't do the traditional, swatch the same stitch in several different yarns with a few different hooks... generally, when I swatch, I begin the project.  I'll make the whole hat a couple of times, working out the construction issues while I'm changing yarns and hooks.  Also, I think from now on, I'm going to make my swatches at least the size of a baby sweater back!  Then I can be half-way finished with a project by the time I'm done.  The baby won't care if there are different stitches for each sweater piece, right?  Maybe the back will be different than the sleeves and fronts?  It's all good. Kinda like the children's book about the patchwork elephant... I can't remember the name of it... some reader will know! Who will it be? 

Above, is a bearded dragon who belongs to neighbors.  We're taking care of this critter while they are on vacation along with a few more of their animals...
Daisy the guinea pig
Chickee and Lily the guinea pig (who should be called "Bugsy" like the guinea pig from the Bedtime Story movie)
And Sky and Mango (gerbils) who are currently running loose in the neighbors house... don't ask.

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