Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reader's Question: Tara's Tunisian Scarf

Hi Ellen--I love Tara's Tunisian scarf design in Crochet Accessories, but have a problem with the Row 2 forward pick up--since it is a decrease row, I don't get 14 loops, but more like 7 or 8, depending upon how you count. From the photo, it looks as though there would be 14 lps if it were crossed stitch--eg skip one bar, pick up and then go back and pick up. The gauge doesn't work out, even with a 6.0mm hook. I've made a couple of garments in Tunisian (remember the old Exciting Crochet from the UK?) and a number of items with double-ended crochet hooks, so I am not new to the technique. I just can't figure out what is meant by the instructions in Row 2--please let me know what I am missing.
Cheers Susan

Hi Susan,

Thanks for reading. Looks like we have two different questions here. First gauge: with a scarf, the gauge is less critical than for a garment. The goal of the right gauge for a scarf is to offer the best drape with just the right amount of openness. Choose the hook that gives you the best result.

The second issue is of the pattern itself.  On the second forward pass... you call it a decrease row, but really it's not a decrease at all.  It is a lace pattern, so every decrease is paired with an increase so that the stitch count remains the same.  I'm guessing that you have missed the most important two letters in the instructions, "yo".  The instructions call for inserting the hook under two vertical bars (decrease by one), then YO (increase by one).  By the end of the forward pass, the pattern is still worked evenly. 

Hope that helps!

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CrochetBlogger said...

Great response to the question posed here. I have so often skipped small but important steps in a pattern (YO is a big one, crochet every odd row a specific way is another one).

lorenabr said...

Hi GoCrochet,

Love your designs! very well executed :) enjoy reading your posts!