Monday, March 21, 2011

Chicken photos!

As planned, March is proving to be a crochet revolution of sorts!  I has been an extremely productive month in terms of design, creativity and energy. I can't wait to see who buys what and where it will be placed!

See the kids on top of the chicken coop?  Through the coop, the chickens can enter the barn where they have a much more spacious area with roosts and shelves. Their food and water is in the barn.  They have poles to perch on. The photo of me above, I usually hold the chickens more snuggly like babies, but Chief was taking a really long time to take the photo and I was afraid she'd poop on me if I held her too close for too long!  Oh the glamor!

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Charlotte said...

I used to love to raise chickens when I was younger. Looks like your kids are having fun!