Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Traditions

 Every year we go to the Krohn Conservatory.  Inside one very big greenhouse building are all sorts of tropical and exotic plants bonsai trees, cacti, orchids, etc.  In the front vestibule is a huge Christmas tree with ornaments all handmade of natural materials.
Of course, we had to make wishes in the waterfall.  I didn't even bother, I have everything I could ever want.
Chickee is carrying her Go-to Scarf made of Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe...

Love this iron Butterfly bench.  Every year the Conservatory houses a butterfly show in the Spring.  Amazing butterflies flit around, land all over you.  They are really spectacular.

Outside is a Nativity with statues for the people but live animals for the animals.  The sheep sit so happily munching on grass while all us city-folk take photos.  I've picked up my hook again after a 3 day absence and I'm looking to be productive!  

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