Friday, December 17, 2010

Goals! 2010 review

It's that time again!  Goals review for 2010 that will lead to goals for 2011....
First, 2010 has been a very good year.  I am so grateful for the continued work.  Obviously, finishing the book is the biggest accomplishment of the year for me.  Still, we won't see the results until next year.  That is oh so typical of publishing... the work you see published today was stitched months earlier. 

(Today I'm working on a project for Spring!)

One of my favorite projects of the year is the Lake House Hat & Scarf set.  It's a free pattern offered by Coats & Clark. I actually have the hat in lavender and yellow that I wear. 

One of my goals of the year was to increase my learning.  I made strides with Excel and some other technical design and pattern grading issues.  I took several classes thanks to the CGOA conference in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

Now, I'll formally go through my written goals and answer them... and write in... did I accomplish the goal? If I didn't, why not? is it a good goal for 2011? 

Also on the agenda the financial year-end stuff.    Luckily, since I keep up with my receipts and ledger all year round, this is going to be a breeze... just a matter of printing it out and closing the envelope!  

I'd love to hear how you did on your 2010 goals!  What were the crochet highlights for you?


crazymotheringchick said...

I wanted to improve my crochet skills. It's a goal I will work on more in 2011. With the help of several of your patterns, I have improved! Thank you.

Richard Rose said...

I never really set myself goals for the year although I do try to make a few plans. This year, all plans went out the window when I was retrenched from my job and became a full time carer for my wife.

My plans for next year include opening up an artfire shop, finding more craft markets within a 100km radius and expanding the range of items I make for the stall.

Rainy Daisy said...

I love new year's! Those are some well-thought out goals. It seems as though the new year's goals are taken for granted so much of the time - either because everyone pretends that they're planning on losing weight, or because they don't bother to make serious goals because they think the end of the year is an arbitrary time. I think it's perfect for reflection and planning, and I've been able to stick to certain goals because of it. Like flossing. Ahem.

hehe. My goal for this past year was to blog every day, and I've done it (so far. knock on wood...) and for the coming year, I can only say that I'd like to learn to balance my life cook regularly, to exercise regularly...I got a new job that I love, but it's taking up 95% of my time and energy while I learn the ropes.

Thanks for this :)