Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Buckeyes!  Buckeye nuts from the State tree of Ohio.  Of course, being Michigan fans, we have to at least wear Michigan garb while making the buckeyes.  Chief also refuses to call them 'Buckeyes' and instead calls them 'Wolverines'.  Yes, it's hard to be a Michigan fan living (and from) Ohio, but that's where the Captain went to Grad School.  Buckeyes are peanut butter mixed with butter and powdered sugar and dipped in chocolate... Yum. Let me add, you can't actually eat the nut from the Buckeye tree as they are harmful.


Miss Julep said...

I LOVE these!! We used to live next door to an Ohio Alum and his wife ALWAYS gave us this candy at Christmas. Being Bama fans perhaps we should re-name them Big Al Bon Bons:)

Thanks for a cute blog! Merry Christmas!

melbatoast68 said...

Oh! That looks yummy!

Susan said...

Hi Ellen!

That picture reminds me that I have to start making those in a day or two... I always use the same recipe... And my son even asked for these as part of Christmas Present... Have fun baking!!!