Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hooks Galore

I love my hooks the way a painter loves her brushes! The funny thing is that there is nothing particularly special about my hooks. I don't collect fancy hooks, but for some reason, a large quantity of functional hooks makes me happy. You can see the whole break down of hooks on my notebook on Ravelry my ID is EllenGo, come find me and look at my hook collection!

top tray

bottom tray

Here are photos of my big "Tool Box" I got it at Hobby Lobby in the needlework section, it is labeled as a "Cross-Stitch case" and has two levels. I also have this smaller one that I will take with me when I travel. I just wish it came in solid silver so that it looked like a Million dollar case from a gangster movie, or better yet, silver with a big number on the side like 'Deal or No Deal'. I think I would choose case number 6, for no logical reason.

Here is also my 'tool basket', this one is a little more decorative and can sit on the floor in the living room and I can put the lid on it and be a little more discreet with my crochet stuff EVERYWHERE! My stuff definitely has taken over the house, even worse than the kids toys. Boy, that is cathartic to admit. Oh yeah, I also keep hooks in the car, and here's a cup of hooks next to my computer.

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Haley said...

On a snowy day when they need something to do anyway, let Chickee and Chief decorate your case. I let my 2 decorate my little case - I gave them each a side and let them do anything they wanted with it. Now I always have my "inspirations" with me! Of course you have to be prepared in your head for Superheroes/Football and Princesses/Jewels or whatever they are into at the moment :)