Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crochet! May 2008

Here it is! The latest issue of Crochet! This issue is an obvious departure from the Crochet! magazine we have been accustomed to the past 2 years or so. There are more afghans, more simple designs, a lovely wedding dress by Darla Sims. Matter of fact there are a few designs by Darla Sims. Darla continues to have a long and distinguished career as a crochet designer.

There is also a fun Las Vegas choker (necklace) by my pal, Tammy Hildebrand (hi Tammy!). Tammy continues to be innovative with beads and has a "Easy Bead as you go" pattern booklet that is currently sold by Annie's Attic (among other pattern books she also has produced).

I'd really like to hear opinions about the direction of the magazine. What makes you decide whether or not to buy a magazine or book?

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Haley said...

Of course I am first drawn in by the cover, but I must be interested in the patterns inside either to try to follow or to read and learn a new stitch or technique from. IMHO, I found this issue of Crochet! kind of boring (no offense to the designers featured!). I'm not much for making afghans - I just don't have the time to commit to them. I did really enjoy the design contest winners and their patterns! The Las Vegas choker was a really cool idea too. I would like to try that pattern with a little "off-roading" of my own.