Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sneak Peek

It's sneak peek time! Oh, it's slightly different, I changed a few things, but you'll recognize it when it's a few months! Oh, it's so hard to wait! Why do magazines have such a long lead time????? (Because it takes alot of work and alot of people to put out a magazine!). I love magazines, they are like relatively inexpensive gifts to me that show up unexpectedly... well, except I always am waiting for them with bated breath! Really, how inexpensive are magazines! Depending on the magazine, you can get an issue full of awesome designs and inspiration and pure fun, for the price of a fast food meal for one! And you don't get the grease and guilt! I love the internet, but there is nothing like thumbing through the glossy pages of a new magazine to make you feel like you are totally luxuriating in free time. Have I told you that I love magazines? But only the fun ones, I don't get the same joy out of news magazines. I'm just saying.

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