Monday, December 11, 2017

CITW: Crochet in the Wild

Last year, before it was my son's school, my cousin asked me to crochet some hats for the Mom's holiday bazaar fundraiser. I didn't really have the time, but I donated the Driftwood Cap pattern and the Saturday Beret pattern for other ladies to make the hats to sell.  This year, Chief attends that school and imagine my delight when I went to this year's holiday bazaar and found a stack of beautifully stitched hats! Crochet in the Wild for the WIN! 

Not exactly in the wild... but Chickee has been wearing the First Frost blanket as a cape since, well, the First Frost. (YAY she likes it!) 


Nope, it's not crocheted, but I bought this adorable reindeer with his adorable knitted sweater. Don't you think he needs a crocheted scarf for his ensemble?

Happy Monday everyone!

How will you be awesome today?

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