Friday, December 8, 2017

Adding Stability to A Crocheted Edge

Sometimes on a crochet project, I want to add a little stability to the edge. Make the border a little more firm, make it hold its shape, etc. Today I'm sharing a couple of strategies for doing that!

1. If the final row/round edging is flat or not made of picots, Slip stitch in every stitch. That gives the finished edge a slight "cording" look to it. Use the same color as the final row/round so that the slip stitching is practically invisible or use a contrasting color to create an "outlined" look.

2. Same concept as #1 but with a little more texture: (Ch 1, slip st) in every stitch around. It will look like a tiny chevron or rickrack. (So cute). I also love this concept in a contrasting color.

3. Work on the Wrong side. TURN for your final row or round and work on the wrong side to help combat fabric curling.

4. Use a smaller hook for the final row/round to help tighten it up.

5. My new favorite corded edge... the double slip stitch (DSST): Insert hook in the same stitch that was just used, yarn over and draw up a loop; insert hook into next stitch, yarn over and draw loop through the stitch and the next 2 loops on the hook.

It's kind of like a slip stitch decrease or a slip stitch 2 together type thing but you insert your look back one stitch, then in the next unused stitch.

The Crocus Mandala Vest is a project where I used the DSST to help stabilize the edge. Find the free pattern HERE.

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