Monday, August 14, 2017

When I disappear...

When I disappear it is usually because I have a tight deadline or family vacation. This time, it was both!

The project, in process goes into the front seat but the reinforcement yarn is accessible in the back. At every rest stop, I'd grab the next color that was needed.  

I don't mind being a passenger because then I get a great deal of stitching accomplished. 

We made it to the beach. It was so incredibly windy that I couldn't crochet on the beach. I didn't want blowing sand in my work.

But, I could crochet by the pool...

And I could crochet at the tavern...

And I could crochet in the hotel guest laundry... 

Cupcake break! 

Run break! 
The project made it through 6 states and shipped from Kentucky. Done and home! 

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