Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I'm taking the day off... sorta. I'm trying to restore my yarn closet to THIS level of organization. I started last night and I think it's going to take a week. I have let my office and this closet descend into the chaos that I can't even show you, it's so shameful. My office is the "dump and run" spot for me. There are reasons that door stays CLOSED.  

Also, restoring my mind today! I found a ton of old project binders that I no longer need. I found my original manuscript for 3 books including one that I never published and proposals for 2-3 more. You know binders represent BIG projects for me. Now I have empty binders to start NEW big projects! I can't wait.  I'm going to visualize myself in 5 years finding these binders when they are full and projects are completed... what was in them? What projects did I accomplish that I was proud of?  

Who needs a bucket list when you can make a Binder List?

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