Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yarn Love Challenge

Have you been following the YarnLoveChallenge on Instagram? If not, here are a few of my highlights:

My handmade home... We have about 11 crocheted afghans at last count, that are in active use in our home. This blanket above is from BEFORE I started designing. It's still holding up!

#Gratitude My first book, translated into Chinese. Chickee's boyfriend speaks 4 languages and was able to read the dedication back to me the other day. When I wrote this book, I had no idea all the wonderful blessings that I would have in this day.

Random photo of Theo because he's so darn cute. He is in the hanging chair that is in Chief's room. 

Here is about half of my yarn book library. I have an additional two shelves on the other side of the room and random books scattered around the house with projects and a stitch dictionary in the car... ya know, in a design emergency.

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