Friday, February 10, 2017

The Wrong Side

There's a wrong side of the bed. The wrong side of the tracks. When you drop a piece of buttered bread, it always lands with the wrong side down.

Some crochet projects have a wrong side. Sweaters of course have a wrong side against your skin so the right side can be seen by the world. But what about blankets?

90% or more of my crochet motif projects, I design with all the "right sides" facing. That is, I don't turn when I join rounds. In some ways I would rather that one side be 100% right and the other side be 100% wrong than to turn rounds and have both sides be 50-50.

Of course blankets, worked in rows, not worked in the round, are always 50-50. Of course if you put an edging on it, you often have to choose which side is going to be the right side. And you can't put the edging on the wrong side because as soon as you put it on you are declaring it the right side.

But, if you put the edging on the side where you have woven in ends, then you have put it on the wrong side. That would really be awkward.

Above, Theo is sitting on the wrong side of the blanket.

So, my question is, when it comes to blankets, does it bother you when one side is the right side and the other side is wrong? Would you prefer to have 50-50 blankets where they are both equally right and equally wrong?  Do you prefer your motifs be turned or all worked on the right side? (I won't judge!)

Sometimes it's hard to tell right from wrong, and not just in blankets! 

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Sharon Etheridge said...

Very well said! I think about right and wrong sides when considering my next project! I always kept my thoughts about right and wrong sides to myself because my friends say I obsess over details to much!