Friday, July 8, 2016

Epic Ireland Vacation, Part 3

 Before the Cliffs of Moher, we went to Rathbaun Farm for a scone making class and a sheep shearing demonstration. A little tour of an authentic Irish farm.
 We were greeted by this lovely puppy who belongs to the neighbor but likes to hang out here.
 Let the scone making begin! While the scones were baking, we went out to talk to the farmer about sheep.
 This sheep looks so serene doesn't she?  It was her first time ever being shorn and she didn't mind a bit! The sheep are shorn for their comfort and not for the wool. It's not cost effective for them to raise the sheep for the wool.

Chickee and Chief were able to bottle-feed a pair of crazy vocal lambs who attacked the bottles with a frenzy.
Here Ted the dog rounds up the sheep. I didn't know sheep could run that fast!

Then the scones were warm out of the oven with apple/citrus jam of some yummy variety.

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