Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Epic Ireland Vacation Part 2

Most of our 40 people were on the same plane. We arrived in Dublin, met the tour guide and driver and slept on the bus on the way to Galway. In Galway we had to stop and take a photo at the famous Gormley's art gallery. We had heard of it before but I had completely forgotten until we came across it.

 This is downtown Galway.
 We found these crocheted beanies in the stores in Galway. I didn't know we would be finding the same beanies in other towns later in the week. They were all single crochet, pretty tightly woven and lined with a stretchy fleece. They were about $32 American dollars.

We stopped in a gorgeous church in Galway. There was a newer (1950's) church and an old 1500's church and I think this was the newer one because the older one had a wedding going on. 

 My official tour badge. It came with a little pocket-sized booklet with our itinerary, one page for each day. We stayed at the Maldron hotel. Interesting, our key card to enter our hotel room also is the card that turns on the electricity for the room! When you walk in there is another key slot and when you put your key in it, it enables all the switches and electricity to work. We did bring adapters with us since European outlets are not the same as American. (Totally worth the $15 for the 5 adapter set on Amazon. I tried to borrow some from friends but couldn't find anyone who had more than one).

Here Chickee and I get ready for the first night's dinner with the group. For the tour, the booking is based on double occupancy, or two people per room. So Chickee and I were in one room and Tom and Chief were in another. Many people brought a husband/sister/daughter/friend with them on the trip and they shared rooms. Some people came solo and either were matched with a roommate to save costs or they paid an additional fee to get a private room.

Tomorrow, the cliffs of Moher.

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