Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nice to "Meet" you

It was a good thing Chickee was home yesterday on a snow day so that she could help me use FaceTime. (I'm a video-chat newbie). Together we got to meet Shelby Allaho.  It is absolutely amazing that Shelby and I wrote Crocheting Clothes Kids Love without ever having met or even talking on the phone. All our correspondence was done by email as we collaborated on designs, yarn choices, and the written text all through the process.

Now that the book is a mere 9 days from being released we have finally "met".  Not exactly in person, but so close! 

Shelby still has not received her author copy of our book thinking that perhaps that it has gotten lost in en route across the ocean. We had decided that I would not look at my copy until she got hers and we could open them together. Since hers went missing we decided to Face Time and I opened my package and we looked at my copy together.

It's not spiral bound but it has a really interesting binding that does IN FACT lay flat when open without "breaking" the binding.

The photography is really, really good!  Thank you Nancy Langdon for the beautiful photography.

Here's another peek of a project....

Including a Tunisian boy's tee. It did evolve from the original sketch but I think you'll be happy with the subtle texture, cotton comfort, and easy drape.

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Jodiebodie said...

As authors, I am not surprised that some form of text (e.g. email) was your preferred mode of communication with each other instead of voice on the phone. After all, you are communicating your crochet ideas in a text format (e.g. a book).
How lovely to see each other on screen and chat at last. I do hope the wayward book turns up and if anyone finds a lost-looking crochet book, they will know where to send it now!
Congratulations on your latest publication. :-)