Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Snow Day!

It's days like this that I'm grateful I work from home.

I don't have the anxiety of white knuckle driving into work in my skirt and heels.

I don't have to worry about the kids being home alone all day. (They'd be fine, but I don't prefer it...)

I'm grateful I have a treadmill, so I don't have to derail my run training because of the dangerous road conditions.

Still, today's snow day means that our kids are "out" of allotted calamity days... 5.  So any more days used and they'll have to go to school extra days either during Easter Break or before dismissal at the end of the school year (boo!)

But the Captain just bought a tractor with a snow plow that arrived on Saturday, so he is loving using his new toy.

It's a good day to hunker down with some yarn.

Above is a photo of last year's snow creature. It is still dark here this morning, too dark to take a photo. We have had so much snow this year that I haven't taken any new photos. I'm kinda over it.  The novelty is gone. We'll see if I can convince the kids to sled ride on our back hill today... again. 

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