Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I did on my Summer Vacation...

Swatch pile!

I learned Hairpin Lace!  I was inspired by Kimberly McAlindin who had a gorgeous Hairpin top on at the CGOA Knit and Crochet Show and a beautiful Walnut Loom from Stitch Diva studios... I think I *must* get one of those looms for myself... Maybe a reward for myself when I finish Book FIVE, due Dec 31. The loom I was using in the photo was so old.... (how old was it?) that the prongs only fit in a few of the holes and only in certain directions... very annoying. Note my gorgeous Namaste bag in the background.... Thank you Namaste and Marly Bird, the Maven at the Yarn Thing Podcast and the Yarn Thing Designer Dinner.... OH! Also note my Chic-a Bag that I'm working from, which was *PERFECT* for the beach with the oilskin bottom, making the sand easy to shake off!

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