Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tour Through Crochet Country

Two more great blogs to visit today!  It's a great day in Crochet Country!

Tammy Hildebrand's colorful and entertaining blog, Hot Lava Crochet is a stop on the tour today! Tammy hit the crochet scene about 5 years before me and I am SO glad she did! Tammy trail blazed the way for me and many others. She was my Mentor before she became my friend and colleague. She has always done great work, but she continues to learn and evolve. Go visit her blog, you have to see her photo of crocheting...while in the swimming pool... really, go look.(Here I am with Tammy at the 2011 CGOA conference, I can't even remember what city that would have been... Minneapolis?)

The other blog stop today is Marty Miller.  Marty's blog the Crochet Doctor, is where she dispenses her crochet and tech editing wisdom that she has acquired over decades of experience in the field.  She is an accomplished teacher, tech editor and designer. Read about Marty's love of crochet circles on her post today.

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