Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Knit Headband with crocheted trim

Here's an improvised knitted ribbed headband I made. It has a crocheted edging.  I need to design a new crocheted one with more pizazz don't you think? But this one totally worked and kept me warm. (I had taken my gloves off by the time this photo was taken)

It was cold on Sunday ... I ran the Mini Heart Marathon (5k, that turned out to be a 6.27k, since the organizers turned us around at the wrong point, long story, longer race). 

Anyway, I need a new headband, and maybe a matching arm-band pocket to hold my cell phone since my first one is coming apart. (darn velcro is the arch-enemy of yarn....)

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Jodiebodie said...

Hi Ellen,
It must be headband season because I had to make my daughter a last-minute accessory for "Harmony Day" 21 March and chose to make a headband too...was probably busy with it just as you were posting your blog entry, but what I REALLY wanted to say was WELL DONE for running a MARATHON! I can barely run 5 metres and you did over 5 km! I'm impressed. Good for you and you are looking good.
Cheers, Jodie