Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Today, Babukatorium an international fiber blogger, is offering a GIVEAWAY of the GoCrochet Afghan Design Workbook.  Read her post on Facebook and enter to win.  I think you have until 2/28.  Her blog and color sense is amazing. Go visit her, I think you'll find a new friend!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers!  Here are the Valentine's that Chickee and Chief made for their classmates this year.

 Chickee chose a multi-layer approach to paper crafting and integrated her love of sewing by using her machine to sew the hearts to the paper.  We were inspired by a photo online. Grandma Glenda will be so proud!

Chief chose a scholarly approach choosing to make bookmarks for his classmates using the classic red theme and using rubber stamps and ink. I love the personal touch of his handwriting and hand-drawn hearts with the stamps.

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Laurinda Reddig, MPH said...

Yay! Glad Babuka worked out for you. Very cool!

My son drew pictures of things he thought each member of the family would like and folded them into a duct tape piñata - I got a hook and some yarn!

He also made valentines for his classmate - inspired by an idea from Family Fun magazine. Isn't it awesome raising crafty kids?!