Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Review: Texting Mitts

A new Leisure Arts booklet written by Andee Graves!  Andee asked me to review her new book and sent me a copy. These very trendy mitts in sock weight yarns will make great gifts this season.  The book has 8 patterns, everything from shells to cables, clusters and post stitches. There is a variety of yarns used and most of the patterns are written in small, medium and large!  In the back is a handy (get it?) tip about sizing.  The coolest part about the sizing is that the sizing numbers are printed in DIFFERENT colors within the pattern!  No more highlighting or circling the numbers for your size. Very clever.

And even more clever, something I've never noticed in other books... every new or special stitch has a little video camera icon next to it.... you can go to the Leisure Arts website and see a video clip of that stitch if you need a refresher. Brilliant. You can either go to the Leisure Arts website and search the video clips (left or right handed) by the name of the stitch, or you can search their videos by publication. Here is the page for the Texting Mitts page.

Here's one of my favorite pairs of mitts in the book.  In addition to the fun funky ones on the cover, I like these terracotta ones.  "Twisted Cable Columns Mitts" are written in 3 sizes.  I love post stitches and the cable crochet construction makes these mitts look like they would fit very nicely!  The band of stitches near the fingers looks like it would keep the mitts in place securely. 

With 8 patterns to choose from, you could make them for all the teachers and friends in your life and sample them all. 

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