Thursday, January 24, 2013


My knitting is deserves Wrapture. 

Brought to you from my friend, Kristin Omdahl and her partnership with Euclan Delicate Wool Wash. Kristin worked with the folks at Euclan to create a scent that is unique and intoxicating.  Literally a few weeks ago, I did a little hand-dip soak of a swatch in a bucket with cool water and some Euclan... later that day, I was still receiving compliments on my "perfume".  HAHA, it was just the sweet, delicate scent of the Wrapture.

Today, I fastened off a little procrasti-knit project.  (I used knitting to procrastinate from another project I should have been doing....)  And I thought that the interesting little project deserved some sweet blocking.  I put one drop of Wrapture in the water reservoir with the rest water in my hand-held steamer. I pinned my project down, spreading it gently and steamed that Wrapture right into it!

Wow, it's going to be so luxurious to wear!  Love it, Kristin, I really love it!  

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