Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo Friday

How's your Saturday Beret coming along?  I know of 17 of you are participating! There is still time.  The Bruges Style hat works up so quickly that you can make it between now and 1/26.  You even have time to order the book and THEN make the hat! 

Let's see if I can find an interesting photo for you...

Here is the Captain, Chickee, and her friend (I need to come up with a "C" nickname for visiting friends!) with the Captain's annual snow creature.  Last year he didn't make one though, since we didn't get any snow last year. This year, it snowed several inches over the Christmas break, so they helped him make this snow donkey.  I love the clever tufts of grass for the mane and tail. Now, back to crochet for me! 

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Haley said...

"C" for friend: compadre, cohort, companion, crony, chum, cohort :o)
Guess it will depend on the relationship the "extra" has with his/her GoCrochet counterpart - LOL!!

Have a great day,