Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TNNA Recap Part 3

More swaggy goodness from the Yarn Thing Designer Dinner at TNNA last weekend.

 The Hadaki Tote Big, beautiful, washable, magnetic closures for happy yarn. Generally my blanket projects are big and this tote is really going to come in handy. Thanks Hadaki!
 Made by Indian Lake Artisans, these hexagonal shaped needles are so fun and fascinating! You all know I like to knit so I couldn't resist giving these needles a quick go.  Made from smooth American Hardwoods, each size of needle has it's own "lake" themed lightweight topper, so you can easily see which needles go together and what size they are.  My toppers are lanterns, but there are all sorts of other toppers, owls, feathers, cottages, arrowheads. Very fun.  I admit that I did poke and prod the owners about making something for the crocheters so we can join the fun too!  We'll see!

 Ok, I admit it, the gift from the Alpaca Yarn Company came with a THIRD ball of yarn. But it was quickly separated from the others and put into my carry-around bag at the conference so I could play with it when I got a minute (which I didn't, but the point is, it was so luscious that I didn't want to be parted from it). These other two are also incredibly luscious, so I know they won't be lonely for long.

Vickie Howell posted a lovely photo of us on her blog! Go check it out.

Here I am with designer Rebecca Velasquez at the Craftsy party.  Rebecca has a new e-book out that I will be reviewing as soon as I get the chance, "Slip Stitch Savvy". If you can't wait and want to go look at it now, here's the link.


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing all the yarn-y goodness! Love the bag and the needles, too. Thanks for requesting hooks from Indian Lake Artisans...we can never have too many!

The Wool Wide Web said...

Great RECAP of the swag bag! Great to meet you at the party and look forward to having you work with some of our clients soon! Leanne