Monday, June 11, 2012

Girl Scouts Rcok the Mall

We're back! Chickee, her Girl Scout troop, and I joined about 250,000 other Girl Scouts in DC this past week to "Rock the Mall"  We saw all the sights before the big main event on Saturday at the Washington Monument.  Here is her troop (in blue, Chickee in green shorts) and a troop from Hawaii (in brown).  The girls swapped pins that they made to give to the other scouts. She even brought home one that had been crocheted!  I'll photograph it and show it later. 

Here's Chickee in front of the Capitol building.

But now, there's a huge backlog of work waiting for me. Totally worth it though. Chickee had a great time with her friends.

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Nicole said...

I live right outside DC! We almost headed into town for the flashmob that day (geocaching related). Glad you all had fun!!