Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inspiration: Zoe Vest

Originally published in Interweave Crochet, the Zoe Vest is available as a digital PDF download.

The nice people at Interweave wrote: Sometimes you need just a layer to keep you warm—something jazzier than a sweatshirt but not so fancy as a cardigan. This bright shell-stitch vest is as warm as a fleece but adds pizzazz to your outfit. The cropped styling emphasizes a smaller waist and gives dimension to a smaller bust for instant curves. Worked in SWTC’s Tranquility, a wool bamboo blend, it has both warmth and ease.

What was I thinking?
I was thinking that when I was in college/after I had this great little bolero vest that was corduroy and it had patch pockets on the front.  So, it had texture and dimension, both of which I needed as a, uh, petite built person.  Because it is a short bolero, stopping just below the rib cage, it shows the difference between the ribcage and the waist. I was thinking that I wanted a textured stitch pattern (but not necessarily to mimic the corduroy) and I wanted to have a nice rounded neckline. (No stair-stepping here!)

The contrasting colored trim makes this bolero have more of an ethnic feel to it.  (Frankly it reminds me of a 1980's? 1990's? sitcom, was it "Coming to America"? Where the cousin "Balky" comes to the United States and learns to live here while still he is very devoted to his customs of goat herding or something similar). He would do the "dance of joy". Anyway, that's what the stitching along the edge reminds me of, the embroidery and stitching that might often be found on Eastern European folk garments.

Thank you to "PhillyGirl64" from Twitter who said the sitcom was "Perfect Strangers".  YES! That was it!

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