Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inspiration: Go To Scarf

What was I thinking?
I originally designed the Go To scarf to try out a ball of Stitch Nation Yarn, Bamboo Ewe, when it first came out.  I wanted something easy and repetitive, that could be lengthened or widened. I love yarn that shows great stitch definition. For me, it's all about the stitches.  I wanted a project that would highlight the shell stitch pattern. What I ended up with was a "Project Maker"  A Project maker is the type of project that looks great in just about any yarn, looks great in inexpensive yarn or an exotic fiber.  It can be made in cotton (the blue is Universal Cotton Supreme) or wool or bamboo or alpaca or silk....
You can have fun adding color details on the edge (shown on the blue one), or leave it off like the above red one.  It is a project maker because it is easily memorized, fun to do, quick to make and fun to make again and again.
The pdf pattern is available on Ravelry or Craftsy for $3.00.
Don't forget to post photos of your projects! Let's see how you can crank out the Go To Scarves!

Tonight is "Live Chat" on my Ravelry group. What is it?   If you are a member of Ravelry (or if you aren't, it's free to join, there's still time before the 9 pm EST meeting).  Go on to my Group page... here's the link to the "GoCrochet with Ellen Gormley" group page. On the right of that page is a dialogue box that says, "Chat room".  At the designated time (or even if you are a few minutes late) you can click on that box and join us.  You can chat with me and my pals in real time by typing in your comments.  Don't worry, it's not a video chat, you can show up in jammies if you like.  It's not an audio chat, only typing.

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