Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inspiration: Blossom Blanket

It feels like YEARS since this one was published in Crochet Today, but it was only May/June 2011.  This fun hexagon blanket was made of Red Heart Sport Solids.  Was one of your New Year's Resolutions to crochet down your yarn stash? I think this would be a GREAT stash buster.   You can also change the colors of the blue hexagon "backgrounds" to use up more small amounts of yarn.  If you change the backgrounds to many colors, you will get more of a cacophony of color effect, less definition of the shapes. You can find the details on the Ravelry project page.

Yes, all that is nice, but "What was I thinking?" you ask?  Well, you know I love hexagons.  Because the colors were so fun, I was really excited to punch up the fun with dimensional flowers.  They are attached so securely that they can even be tugged on a bit and they will be fine.  I was thinking of creating depth with the flowers that really POP from the surface.  You can even see shadows and see how floppy they are. Because of this, they all flop organically, just like a real flower patch.  They don't all stand stiff uniformly, but instead are all slightly askew.  (Again, being slightly rebellious and trying to make my work a little asymmetrical or off-balance, remember the fried egg, Jiggly blanket? LOL).  I have a fascination with crocheting into unused loops and that is how the flowers were added.  I made all the backgrounds first and there was a row that used the back loop only. Then later, the flowers were crocheted onto the surface into the unused front loops of that row.

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