Monday, January 16, 2012

BIG goals

I'm trying really hard not to bust out singing, "I like BIG goals and I cannot lie".  With the beginning of the New Year, it's a great time to make goals, but how big should they be?  The bigger the better.  But the bigger ones might be more long-term goals.  In the meantime, break the big dreams into smaller goals that can be worked on yearly and monthly, even daily. 

Over the holidays, we visited my Grandfather's cousin, who we address as "Uncle Charlie".  He is in his mid 80's or so and is still sharp as ever.  I know he's sharp because he is one of the few people in my life who "gets it".  Over the years as I have explained to him and his wife, Aunt Ruth, what I do, Uncle Charlie is the first one to say, "You are a business owner!"  YES!  He loves the fact that I wrote a book and though he has little knowledge of crochet as a craft he appreciates my efforts.  Uncle Charlie was in the Army back in the day. He likes to read and has introduced Tom and I to the Brad Meltzer books.  He had the lastest John Grisham book on his end table when we visited.

Back to BIG goals... When you meet cool people who have done cool things, it makes you want to do cool things.  I can't wait to tell Uncle Charlie what I'm up to next. :)

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Danielle said...

to me, YOU are totally one of those cool people who do cool things. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings :)