Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inspiration: Reflected Sunlight

 Considering the color orange has never been one of my favorites, you can imagine my surprise when I found it featured prominently in my book, Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workbook. Don't get me wrong, I chose all the colors throughout.  Matter of fact, during the 50 motifs I often asked myself, 'what color scheme haven't I used yet?'  Knowing that I tend to gravitate toward blue and purples, when stuck, I grabbed my lesser favorite colors to break out of my comfort zone and expand my creativity.

From the book, Reflected Sunlight, remains one of my favorite full projects and it uses one of my favorite of the 50 motifs.

The big octagon in the book is called "Oro Sol".  The orange, gray and white combination paired with the solid circle middle and "rays" of the octagon points led me to think of Mexico and the ruins of the Native people.  Now, I've never been to Mexico and can only imagine what it might look and feel like to stand at the top of Kukulkan's Pyramid at Sunset. The warmth, the brilliance of the sun, the cool gray of the stone.  The photo is from this site: Chichen Itas: Mayan ruins (I know nothing about the business behind the site, I'm not endorsing it, just giving photo credit). 

Every motif and project has a snippet introduction about the inspiration or my thoughts. So many of them have to do with food, family, color...

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Kimberly said...

Hey I've been there!!! They let you climb to the top... climbing up was easy... climbing down was another story!!!

That was in college... oh how the time has flown!!