Monday, October 24, 2011

Books By the Banks

 (oh! a sneak peek...)
(of the Ohio River!)  Sponsored By Joseph-Beth Booksellers and the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, the Duke Energy (Cincinnati) Convention Center hosted 100 authors of all genres. It was free to the public.  It was a very busy day with a steady flow of visitors all day long!  My pal Anna (LibrarianAnna) and her daughter Zoe (Zoe's one day dress) stopped by for a visit before heading to the children's area for crafts, games and visits with popular book characters. Thanks to another pal, Judy, for taking a few photos of me and the booth.  During the day, I caught a glimpse of award winning popular author, Dennis Lahane, folk singer/writer, Judy Collins.  Sitting across from me was acclaimed author,  Robert Morgan.  I had lunch with 9 time mystery writer, Judy Clemens. (nice to meet you Judy). Where they all sold books because of their name and reputation, my books sold because it was CROCHET!  So many people were attracted to the colors and fibers. So many people commented that seeing the crochet brought about a feeling of nostalgia and memories of loved ones for them. My youngest buyer was 7 (Hi Raven!), and a few people made comments about how my colorful presentation belied the common notion of crochet as boring or for grandmotherly types only. Yay for crochet!


Anonymous said...

How Awesome! I wish I could have attended!

Haley said...

Nice top! Wish I had a flower on mine :o) In my spare time, I'll have to get around to making one!