Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Review: Curvy Crochet AND DISCOUNT

Curvy Crochet by Marly Bird and Jill Wright

Designer, knitter, podcaster, creative director, friend supreme, Marly Bird teamed up with her pal and professional crochet designer, Jill Wright to create 8 gorgeous crochet patterns for women with curves.

The book is 60 pages of schematics and patterns. Two of the patterns have motifs or motif detailing. Most are garments, a couple pullovers, a couple cardigans, a shawl, a cute felted tote.

All the patterns are shown on PEOPLE and also on a dressform.  There are even photos of the BACKS of garments, this is really rare friends, and gives you a real idea of what the finished item will look like.

Not sure if you are ready for garments for your curvy frame? Would you like more support?  Marly is teaching "Curvy Crochet" Class on  I have taken 3 classes already on Craftsy and I love them.  It's a great platform. You buy the class and it stays up on their site forever. You can go back and watch it again and again.  Each class is multiple hours long with PDF download class materials, patterns and help. You can ask questions and get answers! You can respond to other students' comments and questions. You can take NOTES that will be stored at the right place in the class so that you can go back and see exactly WHERE you were in the class when you had your epiphany or needed to go back and listen again.  Marly, as you know from her Blog Talk Radio "Yarn Thing" podcast (have I mentioned I've been on her podcast, on the right side bar on this page, you can see a heading, "Hear/Read Me inteviewed" the links are there) has such a fun disposition, you'll be cracking up along with the me as we watch the class. (snicker, she's so funny).

You want a DISCOUNT on Marly's class? Did I hear someone say they wanted to take Marly's class too?  Click this link and you'll be Craftsy and get the class, and the course materials, and the patterns in the class for the discounted rate of $29.99 (regular $49.99). I don't know how long this offer will last, but remember, if you buy it now, it's there and you can watch it at your leisure. Ok, I'm going back to watch more of the class, I'm on lesson 2!

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