Monday, July 18, 2011

Hexagon Thing CAL

8 people have voted that they have 'no idea what to make'.  Let's encourage them by revealing some of your plans.  If you know what you are making or need some feedback about an idea you have, let's talk about it! Leave comments here or on the Ravelry group Hexagon Thing CAL thread.

HaleyZim already went first sharing:
It took me forever to choose a yarn! I must have tried 10 at least until I finally settled on the one I wanted to use. I ended up blocking several motifs in different yarns before I made my choice for the one that gave me the drape I was looking for. Now I’m not generally a fan of motifs simply because I am really super extremely lazy when it comes to sewing in ends. Having said that, this little bugger has me hooked! I have another project that I MUST finish in the next week and I can’t seem to get to it. The Little Hexes as my daughter P1 calls them have a hold on me! Wish that meant that my secret project was progressing nicely but alas it is not. Not because the hexes are difficult but because I keep changing my mind on how to design my project - lol! And not being an experienced motif joiner, there have been some growing pains in that department.
Ok, I “showed” you my progress. Now it’s your turn :o)

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